Portal do Governo Brasileiro


Oscar Javier Tabares

Curso: Administração
Universidade de Origem: Escuela de Administración y Mercadotecnia del Quindio EAM - Colômbia


"It is difficult for me to explain what is it to have lived in Ouro Preto, and how is the atmosphere of the UFOP; but I am sure that it is an experience that university students must live, because it is something different, new, and especially full of history, from the pre-Columbian to the Portuguese conquest, and of course everything that happened after that...

How the richest city in the world became less than 400 years later an academic and cultural refuge, where landscapes, museums and history prevail over a past full of pain and violence... UFOP and Ouro Preto are the best adventure I have ever lived, and I remain with the desire in the hands and in the soul to live again."

Mapa de Convênios

A UFOP, através da DRI, possui convênios com diversas instituições ao redor do mundo, muitas das quais oferecem oportunidades de parcerias e mobilidades acadêmicas.


Marisol Nevareza

Curso: Pedagogia
Universidade de Origem: Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez - México